Meet The Photographer

As a mother & wife I am passionate about the art of photography and have been my entire life. While I love having fun with the camera, I truly enjoy having the opportunity to capture the precious memories of others. There is nothing like those moments of reflection when you look back at pictures that were taken years ago. The feelings that they create are priceless.


Personally I have always valued the importance of capturing the precious life moments such as new relationships, new family arrivals, birthday’s, anniversary’s, among various other types of events. As a down to earth, joy filled, loving hearted person I have had the opportunity to capture other people in their special moments. Every single time it has brought both them and I joy and the creation of unforgettable relationships and memories that are one of a kind. The art of photography is more than just snapping pictures, it involves emotion and care which I highly value. We thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we would love to have the opportunity to welcome you to the IG Photography family!


Ivory Gibson